Surgical Specialties

Regen Medical PC offers our patients multiple surgical specialties. We have cosmetic dermatologists, plastic surgeons, sports medicine orthopedics and urologist on staff. We can take care of almost all surgical needs with the finest most deadicated physicians.

Cellular Therapies

The one major advantage of Regen Medical is we offer cellular therapy for patients that have failed with conventional surgery or medical treatments. We address unmet clinical needs and offer the most advanced cellular therapy in the world

Our Staff

Our staff is composed of the finest and most caring professionals in the world. In addition to skilled medical care we offer the ultimate in service. We provide individual personalized medicine at its best. We will devote the time and energy needed to make you better and meet your every need

Physicians Portal

The physicians at ReGen Medical are pioneering a new and exciting group of treatments in Regenerative Medicine. For the past several years, researchers have identified and have been working with a group of cells referred to as stromal vascular fraction or SVF.


Welcome to the ReGen Surgical and Cell Therapy Center

The ReGen Surgical and Cellular Therapy Center is a state of the art office surgery center and the first fully integrated cell therapy center in New York. Located in the heart of Manhattan at 460 Park Avenue, ReGen provides superior surgical and cellular services for patients and physicians. Our center is staffed by Board Certified Anesthesiologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Internal Medicine Physicians, and Urologists as well as a dedicated, efficient, and highly trained nursing staff.

The Center will feature 2 fully equipped AAAA Operating Rooms, 1 minor surgical procedure room, and 7 treatment rooms that feature the most modern and advanced medical and surgical equipment. In addition, the Center has a number of private consultation rooms for physicians and patients to help choose the optimal treatments and procedures for better health.

The ReGen medical staff is also one of the first to offer personalized medicine programs by the use of autologous (your own) cells for the regenerative, curative, and preventative elements in what is termed Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative Medicine is a rapidly expanding set of innovative medical technologies that restore function by enabling the body to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged, aging or diseased cells, tissues and organs.

Preparing For Your Procedure

As a patient at the ReGen Surgical and Cell Therapy Center, your care will be skillfully monitored by our staff of specialists headed by your surgeon.

Prior To Your Procedure

In a private pre-operative room, you will given a hospital gown to change into and your clothing will be securely placed in the storage cabinet.

The ReGen AAAA Operating Rooms

Once you are inside the operating room, you will be assisted by the ReGen medical team consisting of your surgeon, anesthesiologist,

Following Your Procedure

The ReGen Recovery Room is adjacent to the operating room and you will rest in this area until the anesthesia wears off for surgical procedures or rest comfortably for cellular procedures while you are attended by our registered nurse specially trained in post-procedure care.


Featured News

The medical staff at ReGen Medical is pleased to announce that they will be using the patented IntelliCell autologous (your own) cells for a number of promising medical treatments.

Regenerative medicine offers hope to many patients with difficult to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, non-healing wounds, receding gums, and more.

What Our Patients Say

Hi Doctor Victor, just wanted to give you a heads up on how I am , I promised Judy I would. so immediately after my bladder became my friend again
8:16am Jul 20

Ok I told you I could only see some light in the left corner of my right eye, well then I saw more light and more light and a couple of days ago I started to see images now I can see in a circle but on the middle.
8:18am Jul 20